Plitvice lakes National Park

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 GASTRO wine & olive oil- Veralda
GASTRO wine & olive oil- Veralda     Code trips: 2022/445 - individual tours
Unique gurmand creation by Veralda will fascinate you beacuse of combination by modern culinary story with health recepies , using only high quality ingredient. Veralda serves...
90.00 €
Active-BIG GAME FISHING     Code trips: 2022/663 - individual tours
Hunting by tuna drifting technique on open sea or sowing with sardines. With the use of fishing gear of various classes from stationary rolls through stand up Big Stick game rods...
400.00 €
Active-CLASSIC SAILING SHIP LARUS     Code trips: 2022/671 - individual tours
MSY LARUS or SPIRIT DA BARCOLANA, as it was named at 38.Barcolani by the media, one of the last fighters over time, proud of their naval past, which conquers the most delicious...
0.00 €
Active-RAFTING river Kupa
Active-RAFTING river Kupa     Code trips: 2022/279 - individual tours
With expert guidance ,skipper and photographer through 4 km long beautiful river Kupa You will experience pleasure provided by panorama downhill. Also you will get in touch...
280.00 €
Active-SAILING with skipper
Active-SAILING with skipper     Code trips: 2022/393 - individual tours
For those who like sailing or just want to learn sailing, get acquainted with the sailing grounds, spend the day on active sailing with our skipper and introduce the Adriatic Sea...
550.00 €
Active-SNORKELING & BEACH tour     Code trips: 2022/651 - individual tours
Swim in the crystal clear blue Adriatic Sea and immerse your self in the scenic surroundings of the island and the beaches of the Kvarner archipelago. Lovers of this activity will...
900.00 €
Art & Culture OPATIJA ROYAL RIVIERA     Code trips: 2022/239 - individual tours
The modern history of the city began in 1844 when Iginio Scarpa (1794-1866), a wealthy merchant from Rijeka, had a villa Angiolina's castle built in a large park, received...
150.00 €
Art & Culture PULA-ROVINJ & PANORAMA CRUIS     Code trips: 2022/372 - individual tours
Romanian amfiteatar , Arena .Most popular statue in Pula . It was built in 1.century and get in command by Flavio , this amfiteatar is 6th in a world by size. Structure of three...
165.00 €
Art & Culture RIJEKA & TRSAT
Art & Culture RIJEKA & TRSAT     Code trips: 2022/599 - individual tours
RIJEKA - "The City That Runs ..." City Open to the world, hospitable, multicultural and candidate for the European Capital of Culture 2020. Museums, theaters, galleries,...
140.00 €
Art & Culture TRIESTE
Art & Culture TRIESTE     Code trips: 2022/107 - individual tours
Trieste is the capital of the far northeastern region of Italy, Friuli-Venezia Giulia.Trst is the capital of the distant northeastern region of Italy, Friuli-Venezia Giulia. For a...
140.00 €
Art & Culture VENEZIA
Art & Culture VENEZIA     Code trips: 2022/205 - individual tours
The beginnings of the city, spreading on the 117 islands and islets that the sandy shore, Lido, protects the lagoon begin in the 5th century. At that time, the inhabitants of...
310.00 €
Art & Culture ZAGREB
Art & Culture ZAGREB     Code trips: 2022/146 - individual tours
The city of Zagreb, located on the geographic, cultural, historical and political intersection of the east and west, Europe, the capital of Croatia, joins the continental and the...
270.00 €
City-OPATIJA walking tour 2 hours
City-OPATIJA walking tour 2 hours     Code trips: 2022/625 - individual tours
The modern history of the city began in 1844 when Iginio Scarpa (1794-1866), a wealthy merchant from Rijeka, had a villa Angiolina's castle built in a large park, received...
50.00 €
City-PULA walking tour-2 hourse
City-PULA walking tour-2 hourse     Code trips: 2022/626 - individual tours
We take you to a two-hour tour of this city and its rich history. Remains of Roman Empire, Early Christianity, Venetian Period, Napoleon, Austrian Empire, Italy ... We begin with...
70.00 €
City-Rijeka walking tour- 2 hours
City-Rijeka walking tour- 2 hours     Code trips: 2022/601 - individual tours
The city that runs, The city of Torpedo, which belongs to the world's top technology, is the torpedo factory Technically marked this city, from which once the most modern...
60.00 €
Gastro TRUFFLE gourmet diamond
Gastro TRUFFLE gourmet diamond     Code trips: 2022/446 - individual tours
Gourmet TRUFFLE gourmet diamond This excursion is an ideal opportunity to get to know the Istrian delicacies, enjoy the views of the Istrian sights, medieval towns and pristine...
270.00 €
island CRES-sailing ship Larus
island CRES-sailing ship Larus     Code trips: 2022/624 - individual tours
Sailing the larus sailing ship along the Bay of Rijeka to the island of Cres is certainly an unforgettable experience . Beaches, preserved environment and clean sea are a great...
0.00 €
MEDICAL- Dental clinic
MEDICAL- Dental clinic     Code trips: 2022/535 - individual tours
Dental Clinic Modern dental office for all dental treatment and radiology diagnosis, in just small amount of time It provides service in area of orthodontics, oral surgery,...
90.00 €
MEDICAL-Cardio Check-up
MEDICAL-Cardio Check-up     Code trips: 2022/534 - individual tours
Thalassotherapy Opatija is a specialty cardiovascular disease and prevention clinic for many years, and modern medical equipment and highly educated staff provide our customers...
290.00 €
NARIONALNI PARK BRIJUNI     Code trips: 2022/45 - individual tours
Brijuni makes the vegetation component specific and valuable in the landscape of our environment. The Great Brijuni has remarkably valuable harmony of natural ... The Brijuni...
160.00 €
NATIONAL PARK PLITVICE LAKES     Code trips: 2022/2 - individual tours
National Park Plitvice lakes , most popular touristic attraction in Croatia. In 1979 it is rewarded and protected by UNESCO world heritage. Beauty of National Park comes from 16...
280.00 €
NATIONAL PARK PLITVICE LAKES & TESLA Birth House     Code trips: 2022/641 - individual tours
National Park Plitvice lakes , most popular touristic attraction in Croatia. In 1979 it is rewarded and protected by UNESCO world heritage. Beauty of National Park comes from 16...
310.00 €
SUNSET SAILING SHIP LARUS     Code trips: 2022/673 - individual tours
Sail in the sunset with sailboat LARUS. In this excursion you will achieve a romantic and unforgettable experience on the sea while drinking sparkling wine at the sunset of the...
0.00 €